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Journeys into Virtual Worlds conference

February 22, 2008


On February 19th I presented a session “Virtual Worlds – The Bigger Picture” at a regional JISC event titled “Journeys into Virtual Worlds”.  My main aim with the session was to compare a number of exemplar virtual worlds (Lord of the Rings Online, Second Life and Croquet) and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each with […]

Q&A at CalState

February 21, 2008


In the early hours of Wednesday morning I attended a Q&A session at the invite of Penny Semrau from California State University, Los Angeles.  The hour long session on the ISTE Island in Second Life was attended by students from the Instructional Technology MA program, most of whom are K-12 teachers by day.  (As a side […]

Linden Labs introduce new Second Life interface

February 20, 2008


Linden Labs are releasing a new First Look client branch by the name of Dazzle.  Featuring an improved user interface it doesn’t look like anything more than a cosmetic change at this stage, not that a cosmetic change is at all unwelcome.  However Linden Labs appear to be suggesting this viewer branch will also tidy […]

Happy Valentine’s Day – machinima style

February 14, 2008


A delightful piece of World of Warcraft machinima for Valentine’s Day. 

Releasing unfinished games

February 13, 2008


Budgets are running low, publishers are demanding units on shelves (or the virtual equivalent) and games end up being released in a less than polished state.  Some may argue this has been going on for years.  My concern is that that this is becoming less of an unwelcome result of poorly managed projects and publisher […]

Text to Speech Widget

February 7, 2008


I’ve discussed with colleagues many times my frustrations with voice communication in virtual worlds.  My view is that real-time voice communication in games like the Battlefield Series improve the game experience no end.  However virtual worlds like World of Warcraft or Second Life are both places where the user may choose to create an alter-ego in preference to a […]

The Making of Schome Park Beta – an illustrated overview

February 7, 2008


Several weeks ago I finished building Schome Park Beta.  Since then I’ve collated some of the images taken during the design and build process and have put these together with my summary of the process on their own page, The Making of Schome Park Beta.  If you want to get a glimpse inside my approach to […]