Republished: End Game Blues

Posted on 6 February, 2008


This post originally appeared on Dan’s Glass Houses blog on January 17th, 2008. 

As mentioned previously on this blog I’ve been playing Tabula Rasa since the open beta.  Happy that it added some new elements and a sprinkle of freshness to the MMORPG genre I subscribed and (frankly far too quickly and far too easily) found myself at level 30, the final tier selection.  Character progression and specialization is, for many, one of the most important factors in an RPG, but not only do you reach that final decision far too early in Tabula Rasa, it is equally easy to do so having saved plenty of skill points at earlier levels meaning you can pick and choose instantly from the top tier skillset.  This leaves me wondering “what is there to keep me playing this game?”

I like Tabula Rasa’s environment.  Both the landscape, the flora and fauna and the enemy forces all appear lovingly crafted.  Equally the gameplay makes an immediate impact, having a pace and ferocity seldom found in other games of the genre.   But having ‘maxed out’ my character (in terms of specialization and skills that is) I feel no compelling reason to carry on to see new sights and complete quests that don’t advance my character.  I had seen suggestions that Tabula Rasa “had no end game” but I wasn’t expecting it to feel this fundamentally flawed so early on.

Account closed.

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