Several Stories Catching My Eye

Posted on 28 March, 2008


The Council of Stellar Management

A new era of community/developer interaction opens with the announcement that a democratically elected council of players is to be established in EVE Online.  A total of 14 players will be elected from the quarter of a million strong community in May, forming a conduit between community and EVE Online developer CCP.  Could prove interesting, and certainly something to keep an eye on.  Full details on the EVE site.

GTA IV’s Social Club facility to integrate with Amazon

Recent GTA games in particular have been very rich in terms of their soundtrack, and GTA IV is set to be no different.  Social Club is a new component for GTA IV that will not only record in-game statistics but also allows facilitates the purchase of tracks from the soundtrack.  Whilst playing the game when the player hears a song the like they can tag it using the in-game mobile phone, with the Social Club service using this information to create a custom playlist on Amazon, from which the songs can be previewed, purchased and downloaded.

Philip Rosedale moves on

On or up?  Anyway Phillip Rosedale has announced that Linden Lab is to begin the search for a new CEO whilst he moves to Chairman of the Board.  Speculation is rampant over whether this paves the way to an IPO.  Not to wish time away but it will be very interesting to see where Second Life is come the end of the year.  2007 was a year of massive growth, and 2008 is almost certainly going to see a relative flat-line by comparison, with the company looking to balance the stability and reliability of the platform against new technical developments.

And finally…

It didn’t exactly create blogosphere ripples comparable to Phillip Rosedale’s announcement but after more than nine years at The Open University the time has come for me to move on.  As one door closes another one opens and in just a few weeks time I’ll be taking up the position of Producer at Emote Games Limited.  Exciting times.