God Bless Rock Paper Shotgun

Posted on 5 November, 2010


The super Folks over at RPS recently appealed for Indie Developers to send them a short ‘pitch’ on why their game should be covered on the hallowed RPS pages.  A handful of the best have now been posted up.
Arguably my favourite comes from Hanako Games:

What a cute little girl! She fights walking compost heaps in randomly generated dungeons, digs through trash for spare change, sells beer to swaggering warriors, gets paid to ‘party’ with men, and tries to marry a prince who may or may not be her biological brother… or she’s an angel of a schoolgirl who goes to church regularly and donates money to hospitals, if you play her that way. The graphics are shit (I drew them personally so I can say that!) but the game is addictive and you can play for under five bucks.

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