Less than 50% of PS3 time spent gaming

Posted on 17 December, 2010


Nielsen has posted an interesting preview of their second annual Nielsen 360° Gaming Report: U.S. Market.   One of the findings that stands out is just how substantial the time spent on consoles is for ‘non-gaming’ activities, particularly on the PS3 where gaming (on and offline) accounts for less than 50% of total time spent using the console. Nielsen’s conclusion being that consoles are edging closer to being true entertainment hubs.

Share of console time among users

Whilst this report focuses on the US market I would expect findings to be at least fairly similar in the UK, especially with this weeks PS3 update which adds ITV and 4oD catchup services to the previously available BBC iPlayer.

You can read the preview in full here, with the final report due January 2011.