The Highs and Lows of British Game Development

Posted on 25 January, 2011


A report from UKIE shows that British game development is still out there and going strong, with 42 per cent of UK sales for all Xbox 360 Kinect titles and 30 per cent of PlayStation Move games to date made in Britain.

Elsewhere in the news there are further reports on what appears to be the inevitable studio closure of Bizarre Creations and job losses due to re-prioritisation of projects at Frontier Games.  This is on top of the high profile collapse of Realtime Worlds and job losses at Nottingham’s Monumental Games, both last year.

It seems then that the ability to deliver both critical and commercial success is still out there amongst the UK’s developer community.  However, given that Develop reported in November 2010 that the UK games industry workforce had contracted by nearly 9% since 2008 it is clear that this sector remains a fickle mistress, perhaps more so now than ever.

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