Develop – End of Day 2

Posted on 21 July, 2011


Another thoroughly interesting day. More notes taken, and more full write-ups and reflections over the coming days. Stand out sessions for me included Five Tips a Developer Needs to Succeed by Jas Purewal a commercial lawyer from Osbourne Clark and Raising Cash for Your Game which featured both Tony Pearce of TeePee Games and Dr David Lau Kee of London Venture Partners. On face value they might not sound like the sexiest of the sessions, but they were full of insight, experience and practical guidance, whereas most of the Indie day talks seemed uninspired and obvious, even if that isn’t a fair reflection of the speakers or their companies.

I also had the chance to meet up and discuss a range of issues and ideas with people from Special Effects, Hansoft, Playniac, Gamer Camp and (briefly but usefully) London Venture Partners.

All in all two very inspiring and rewarding days.