Footfall Announced

Posted on 21 October, 2011


The word is out on Footfall, my latest game with Preloaded. It’s a socially-minded social game for Facebook, challenging you with the running of a shoe shop, and asking you to make social and environmental considerations as you manufacture and sell your shoes. What will your management style say about you?

The game is packed full of amazing shoes encompassing the ultra-stylish through to the outlandish and magical. The design team drafted a list of shoe types and styles early in the project, and swiftly realised this wasn’t exactly our area of expertise. Thankfully we were soon consulting Amanda Luisa from icanmakeshoes who immediately understood our vision, and brought her knowledge of everything shoe-related to help shape the depth and breadth of shoes that our game required.

The next step was to ensure the shoes then translated in to the game world itself with a sense of fun, impact and were hugely desirable to drive the ‘collecting’ mechanic. To do this we worked with illustrator Grace Ward, and the 100 shoes that Footfall will feature at launch are nothing short of stunning.

Footfall Shoes

There’s an in-depth blog post up on the Preloaded site, and the Footfall facebook page is now live as well. Go there and Like it to give yourself a chance of gaining early access to the beta.

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