The Best of Preloaded – 2011

Posted on 20 December, 2011


Before Xmas lands and life as we know it ceases to exists (for a week or so at least), I thought I’d look back over the year and pick out my gaming highlights.  Today I’m doing that by looking just at the fine offerings that have come out of the talented folk at Preloaded.

It has certainly been a busy year at Preloaded.  A whole host of great games have been created and are available for everyone to play, and we have a number of games being polished off (yes, even in these last few days before we all depart for xmas) ready for release in Q1 2012.  The 2011 collection includes a number of award winners, nominees and all round super games, including The End, MyUK, Wondermind and LinkEm, but in reverse order here are my top 3.

3 – ZOMT


zOMT is a strategy game made for Adult Swim.  It’s an original take on classic strategy games like Tower Defence and Plants vs Zombies, where you play God protecting your passive ‘believers’ from the onslaught of a variety of menacing and marauding foes.

The game has multiple levels with increasing complexity and ever more gruelling challenges.  zOMT has proven to be hugely popular, and fans of the game may have reason to look forward to something new from zOMT in 2012!

2 – Boccia


Boccia is the first game I produced after joining Preloaded, and the first Unity game the studio developed.  Boccia is an online and free browser-based version of a sport unique to the Paralympics, developed for Channel4 as part of their promotion of the upcoming Paralympics.

Boccia packs a lot of punch for a small package.  You can engage in a single-tournament against international opposition, play practice matches (including a two-player hotseat mode), or play one of the three ‘arcade’ game-modes.  It’s proven extremely popular not just in the UK but also in Spain and South America, and if you haven’t played it yet you really should!

1 – High Tea

High Tea

High Tea is a beautifully balanced plate-spinning game built for the Wellcome Collection’s High Society exhibition.  You play the part of a British smuggler buying and selling opium in China’s Pearl Delta, using the profits to purchase tea to keep the British people happy.

What makes this my Preloaded game of the year?  It’s a brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed one screen game.  The interface is clear, crisp and easy to get to grips with, the action is well paced, and the difficulty is nicely balanced and ramps up perfectly as the game develops.  It is also just the right length, encouraging players to repeat play and beat their highest scores.