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The Secret World Beta Impressions

June 29, 2012


The final beta weekend has passed for Funcom’s soon to be launched mmo, The Secret World, and as usual with mmo betas – I was there! The game kicks off with a series of cut-scenes to provide a bit of backstory. Your character is mute, so much of this consists of watching your character do […]

Diablo 3 Co-Op

June 25, 2012


I think Diablo 3 co-op is broken, quite badly broken. Diablo 3, as everyone knows by now, is a pretty easy game in Normal mode. I romped through with my first character (a Demon Hunter), and then romped through it again with other characters, soon discovering that most of them had an even easier time […]

Preloaded News

June 18, 2012


There’s been plenty of activity in the Preloaded studio of late, and one major news item.  Preloaded have been nominated for ‘Best Independent Studio’ in the Develop 2012 awards.  There’s an amazing assortment of names competing in this category, so it is without a doubt a great achievement to be recognised even at this stage, […]