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Support Great Ormond Street with Disney Fairies

December 3, 2012


Following the launch of Disney Fairies: Lost & Found on iOS last week, Disney have now confirmed that for every download of the game from now until Christmas Day they will donate £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. This is amazing news so if you’re in the mood for a beautiful and immersive […]

Disney Fairies – Lost & Found Launches

November 29, 2012


I’m delighted to announce that our latest game is now live!  Disney Fairies: Lost & Found is a hidden object game for iOS (and soon, Android) featuring scenes, fairies and objects from across the world of Pixie Hollow.    The game ties in with the film Secret of the Wings which hits the UK cinemas […]

In with the new

November 6, 2012


A whole bundle of Edge magazines went out the door recently.  That isn’t however the end of collecting games-related items.  For a few years I’ve been slowly building up a collection of Collector’s Editions.  The set of boxes simply doesn’t do justice to the marvelous items that can be found within. At this point the collection includes […]

Footfall Award Nomination

October 24, 2012


  Whilst awards have never been the primary way by which I assess the merits or success of projects I’ve worked on, it is nevertheless nice to get the occasional nomination.  Last year Boccia received several nominations, and one of my more recent projects, Footfall, has now done the same with a place on the […]

An evening with Warren

August 30, 2012


Last week (belated post this one) I had a double-whammy of good fortune. Firstly, I’ve been regularly visiting the Disney Hammersmith office over the last few weeks, for a soon to be announced game project I’m working on. It’s an exciting project and the Preloaded team is really enjoying working on something with the love, […]

The Secret World Beta Impressions

June 29, 2012


The final beta weekend has passed for Funcom’s soon to be launched mmo, The Secret World, and as usual with mmo betas – I was there! The game kicks off with a series of cut-scenes to provide a bit of backstory. Your character is mute, so much of this consists of watching your character do […]

Diablo 3 Co-Op

June 25, 2012


I think Diablo 3 co-op is broken, quite badly broken. Diablo 3, as everyone knows by now, is a pretty easy game in Normal mode. I romped through with my first character (a Demon Hunter), and then romped through it again with other characters, soon discovering that most of them had an even easier time […]