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The Secret World Beta Impressions

June 29, 2012


The final beta weekend has passed for Funcom’s soon to be launched mmo, The Secret World, and as usual with mmo betas – I was there! The game kicks off with a series of cut-scenes to provide a bit of backstory. Your character is mute, so much of this consists of watching your character do […]

Guild Wars 2 Beta Impressions

May 1, 2012


Lsst weekend was the first large-scale beta event for Guild Wars 2, and as usual with my favourite game genre, I was there. Three races (Charr, Human and Norn) and all eight character classes were available to play.  The vast majority of my time was spent taking a human ranger through the opening story quest, […]

The Old Republic is here

December 21, 2011


The Old Republic, Bioware’s first foray in to the MMO market is now live.  I’d really love to share the launch documentary but I’m struggling to embed it, so go here and enjoy eight minutes of Lucasarts and Bioware folk talking about the making of their epic MMO. I’ve been playing The Old Republic (TOR) […]

Big Sales for Skyrim, Big Hopes for The Old Republic

December 16, 2011


Early indications are that the absolutely marvellous Skyrim is a smash success for Bethesda.  Not only has it shipped more than 10 million units, but it has also become the fastest ever selling game on Steam.  Next year the Creation Kit will allow keen modders to take the game forward with fan-made mods, whilst Bethesda […]

MMO news – Aion f2p and Tabula Rasa post mortem

December 14, 2011


  A few stories have recently caught my eye in my favourite genre, the mmo.  Firstly it has been announced that NCSoft’s Aion is going free to play from early 2012. Aion is a tad grindy, wearing its eastern design origins proudly on its sleeve, but it also succeeds in begin a quite stunning mmo […]

Star Wars Galaxies to Shut

June 27, 2011


For the definitive word on the end of SWGs eight year run look no further than the blog of Raph Koster, Creative Director on Star Wars Galaxies. Star Wars Galaxies was a bold vision, a sandbox mmo with huge variety it what the player could do. In particular it took bold strides in establishing non-combat […]

Rift leads the way, and other MMO news

May 25, 2011


Trion, the company behind Rift, continue to impress with the news that the next major patch will include free character transfers. There’s two things about this that are brilliant. Firstly it is free, when many games (such as World of Warcraft) charge a fee for moving a character between servers (currently £15). Secondly it looks […]