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Every Little Helps

March 4, 2013


The big news for 2013 is that I’ve moved on from Preloaded after two eventful years producing a wide range of games across numerous platforms and for a diverse range of clients.  For the last six weeks I’ve been working in my new role as Senior Project Manager in the Mobile team of The […]

Vita gets launch date and line-up

September 14, 2011


Sony’s PS Vita will be released in Japan on December 17th, so that rules me out of getting one for xmas. It doesn’t stop me being excited about what this handheld is going to bring though, it looks awesome! At the Tokyo Game Show the full launch day line-up was announced. The standout title for […]

Play Now – Boccia

June 20, 2011


Preloaded have launched their latest game, Boccia, a commission by Channel4 Paralympics. Boccia is an event unique to the Paralympics where players throw leather balls at a jack. Nearest to the jack wins, and the more balls you have closer than your opponents, the higher your score. In addition to a single-payer knockout tournament mode, […]

Rift leads the way, and other MMO news

May 25, 2011


Trion, the company behind Rift, continue to impress with the news that the next major patch will include free character transfers. There’s two things about this that are brilliant. Firstly it is free, when many games (such as World of Warcraft) charge a fee for moving a character between servers (currently £15). Secondly it looks […]

A Slice of Skyrim

February 24, 2011


Some trailers are better than others, and Bethesda have just unleashed a slice of wonderfulness with their latest trailer for Skyrim.  The eagerly awaited sequel is looking splendid in this trailer, the first to feature actual in-game footage.  It also has a belting soundtrack so turn your speakers up loud. Also, do yourself a favour […]

PSP2 Unveiled

January 27, 2011


Although it isn’t called the PSP2.  The current moniker is simply NGP (for Next Generation Portable), suggesting Sony will settle on an all new release name.  There’s also nothing on pricing yet, but the new device can be expected in time for the holiday season. Tech wise there’s a flashy looking OLED screen, dual thumbsticks, […]

Less than 50% of PS3 time spent gaming

December 17, 2010


Nielsen has posted an interesting preview of their second annual Nielsen 360° Gaming Report: U.S. Market.   One of the findings that stands out is just how substantial the time spent on consoles is for ‘non-gaming’ activities, particularly on the PS3 where gaming (on and offline) accounts for less than 50% of total time spent […]